Cross-pollinate with other leaders

The 10 Commandments of Effective Leadership #10 — Cross-pollinate

Cross-pollinate with other leaders

The 10 Commandments of Effective Leadership #9—Cross pollinate

Thou shalt cross-pollinate. This is the tenth commandment of effective leadership and it is a law of nature.

As beautiful as your flower is, it does not have enough nectar to produce its own fruit. Likewise, if you don’t get other influences to come in and irrigate your inner gifting, you won’t be fruitful. You have to get out of your circle, out of your box, and be exposed to other information to be fruitful.

Cross-pollinate with leaders outside your circle

As a spiritual leader, there are some things a business leader could teach you about leadership and vice versa. A business leader might not quote the Scriptures but they might be able to tell you something that could make your vision successful. But if, as a leader, you have trained your ears to only respond to one tune, you won’t be able to learn from leaders outside your domain.

Cross-pollinate with people you don’t agree with?

You irrigate your resources when you cross-pollinate various type of information because you can eat the meat and throw away the bones. You could learn something from people you don’t agree with.

For example, you might not like someone’s politics, but you might love their fried chicken. But if you are so myopic in your thinking that you can’t eat their chicken because you don’t like their politics, then you have to stay in your small world with people who think like you in order to make you comfortable.

You will not cross-pollinate if you are not secured enough in what you believe to be exposed to various idioms of thoughts and still be able to function.

You might not agree with everybody on everything but you can learn something from everybody — Saji Ijiyemi

Nike makes tennis shoes, but people don’t buy tennis shoes, they buy personalities, so Nike gets personalities to wear the tennis shoes. You might be making the greatest product in the world but they may be on the wrong foot.

Cross-pollinate your ideas

To cross-pollinate, you have to expose your ideas to other people beyond your circle so people can discover what you have. But if you are a worm that only eats off of one leaf, a flower with one kind of nectar, a leader who only reads one kind of book, or a leader who only hang around one kind of people, you will hardly be successful because you don’t cross-pollinate, interact with others, or go anywhere except your work, religious house, and home.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always be what you’ve always been — Bishop T.D. Jakes

Your lack of cross-pollination might be the reason why all your illustrations have dried up and you don’t have new ones because new illustrations are based on new information.

Remember: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always be what you’ve always been.” — Bishop T.D. Jakes

Saji Ijiyemi

Saji Ijiyemi

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Saji Ijiyemi
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Saji Ijiyemi
Saji Ijiyemi

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