About The SajiGroup

The SajiGroup is a training, resourcing, and development company committed to equipping and empowering people to become leaders worth following.



Our vision is to be a premiere global provider of personal, professional, and leadership development products, tools, and resources.


Our mission is to equip, educate, and empower one per cent of the world population discover, develop, and deploy their leadership potential.


  • Leadership —Character, Vision, Service, Inspiration, Responsibility, Energy
  • Learning — Curiosity, Adventure, Creativity, Personal Growth
  • Making a Difference — Contribution, Community
  • Perseverance — Hard Work, Tenacity
  • Potential — Believe in Ourselves, Believe in Others
  • Purpose-Driven — Focus, Identity
  • Relationships — Trust, Integrity, Team Work, People


We believe you, your business, or your organization will be successful if you:

  • Get a clear vision of what exactly you want want to achieve
  • Focus on the most important activities that will directly impact your desired results
  • Model the framework responsible for the peak performance producing your desired results
  • Stay in the result zone by constantly reviewing and adjusting the success model as circumstances change

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