Saji Ijiyemi

Saji IjiyemiSaji Ijiyemi is an Author, Success Coach, Professional Speaker, and Motivational Teacher. He is the Founder and the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of The SajiGroup and a lifetime student of Personal Growth and Development. His goal is to help people and organizations get clarity on their vision, focus on purpose-driven activities, and execute their plans to get results… faster.

He graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Nigeria and got his Master’s degree at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in Belgium.

He is part of  The John Maxwell Group where he is serving to develop 21st century leaders. Saji has appeared on syndicated radio and Television, including the New York-based Sahara TV.  Saji’s influence reaches thousands of people each month through his book and his blog.

Saji’s best-selling book, “Don’t Die Sitting,” is an inspirational book that helps you find the courage when you are discouraged, see the advantages in disadvantages, and focus on the ability in disability.