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GE is Going Back to the Basics of Leadership Development

The basics of leadership development

The basics of leadership development

The VP of executive development and chief learning officer (CLO) at GE, Raghu Krishnamoorthy, said the conglomerate is going back to basics when it comes to leadership development.

Speaking to HR magazine at The Economist Talent Management Summit, Krishnamoorthy said the new leaders “might not be the person with the cognitive skills or the [qualifications], It’s more about the hunger to win, the deep sense of accountability and the ability to learn constantly.”

According to him, today’s business needs a leader who can deal with the pace of change. He highlighted how these New Model Leaders are different from the leader of old.

  • “The leader of old used to compete to win, the leader of the new collaborates to win”
  • “The leader of old fitted in; the leader of new values diversity.”
  • “The leader of old used command and control; the leader of new connects and inspires.”

To embed this new way of thinking at GE, the company is introducing new tools, new culture and new “leadership muscle”.

New tools like GE’s ‘Fastworks’ system will introduce lean start-up principles into the organization, and help GE to respond quicker to consumer demands and market changes.

This idea of “putting a small company body into a big company” requires a refreshed culture and a new type of leader. It requires “a new set of beliefs that embrace responsiveness and raise the fact you need to delegate to the fringes of the organization.

The leader of old used to compete to win, the leader of the new collaborates to win — Raghu Krishnamoorthy

To develop the kind of leaders, GE is focusing more on experiential learning.  Krishnamoorthy said “Learning is not just a classroom experience—it’s available to you all the time, anywhere.

We are continuing to focus on skill building but also have to factor in things like how do you teach people courage, trust and empowerment.”

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Saji Ijiyemi
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Saji Ijiyemi
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