Coaching & Training

What is coaching?

Coaching is a matter of character, it is 99% who the coach is and 1% his or her technique.

A coaching relationship is a relationship that is entirely focused upon you. A great coaching relationship is one that is entirely dedicated to help you achieve what you want in life. A great coach is like having a Global Positioning System (GPS) in your life to keep you on course for success and to help you when making important changes in your life.

Coaching is when someone is listening rather than just hearing you. A great coach is someone who is actively listening to you and also listening to the words behind your words: the pauses, the silences, the certain movements in your voice, your facial expressions, and the shifts in your energy. A great coach is so in the moment with you that they pick up everything you are communicating beyond what you think you are communicating.

Coaching is when someone holds you accountable to your dreams and aspirations. A great coach holds you accountable your dreams and aspirations and helps you beyond the limiting beliefs that bind you to your existing condition and the circumstance you want to change in your life.

Coaching is when someone is insatiably curious about who you are and who you intend to be. A great coach is interested in what makes you tick, what you’re passionate about, your values, the DNA of the character that you are. A great coach is dedicated to help you clarify your goals, provide the tools to enable you to take action and learn from that action without judgment.

Coaching is when someone is often more committed to what you want to achieve in life than you are. A great coach helps you clarify your life’s purpose and holds you accountable to them.

Coaching is when someone has no agenda other than your growth and your success. A great coach has no agenda other than the increasing manifestation of your potential into your personal and your professional results. A great coach will tell you the truth and hold a mirror to you no matter how uncomfortable it might be but will hold that mirror in a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental environment. The coach knows that becoming aware of your truth expedites your growth and expansion.

Coaching is when someone helps you become more conscious of your strength as well as your weaknesses. A great coach is willing and able to point at your strength to help you become more conscious of them and bring to light where you are selling yourself short knowing you’ll face that feedback with the courage that is required to learn within the confidential space of the coaching process.

Coaching is when someone in your life sees the enormity of you true essence. A great coach knows how big you can be and constantly holds that image for you in a space where you can be listened to without judgment, allowing your emotions to be expressed without fear, ridicule, or reprimand. A great coach accepts you as you without the need to analyze you.

A Coaching relationship is a relationship where you finally break free from self-limiting prison. A great coach helps you to break free from the prison of self-limiting self-talk that has sabotaged your growth and success in the past. Where the voices of the self-limiting beliefs are recognized for what they are and therefore are dis-empowered. A great coaching relationship allows your untapped potentialities to be free from shackles and release into performance.

This is what is like to have a great coach in your life and The Saji Group is committed to having this value-added relationship with you to help you achieve results faster than you can ever imagine.

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