Leadership Development LEADEV101 — The Laws of Leadership

Laws of Leadership


The Laws of Leadership are the foundation of leadership. A leader who is unaware of the laws of leadership may not escape liability for violating these laws merely because he or she was unaware of what the laws say. These essentials of leadership are vital if you want to be an effective leader. Leaders who are familiar with the laws are able to increase their influence and those who will not live by the laws will fail by violating them.

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  • Learn from the example of great leaders who live by the laws of leadership
  • Study leaders who did not live by the laws of leadership and suffer the consequences
  • Apply the laws of leadership in a real-life scenario
  • Provide assessments and exercises that will help you apply each law to your life


You will learn how to leverage the John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. You can review the first seven laws below:

There are 21 Laws in total that will be covered in 6 – 7 weeks.


Participants will leave the Leadership Development SG101 course:

  • Having full awareness of the irrefutable laws of leadership
  • Recognizing the importance of living the laws
  • With the know-how on how to leverage the laws for peak performance and organizational success
  • Knowing which laws they are obeying and which laws they are violating
  • Understanding how to look for leaders who complement their strengths


The SajiGroup will teach the Laws of Leadership course and give the course materials for FREE. We are donating our time and the cost of presenting the course as our way of broadening our business and giving back to our community.


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