Don’t Die Sitting Book

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Don’t Die Sitting tells the story of four outcasts who confront death and risk their lives to save their city from military assault. Having been banished from the city because of their disability, they become homeless people living outside the city gate. But when food becomes scarce in the region, they have to decide if they should go back to the city that expelled them, stay homeless until they die, or explore their future in spite of its unforeseen dangers.

They are rejected, they are hungry, they are sick, but they are determined not to die—sitting. Their faith will challenge you, their courage will fire you up, and their story will show you how you too can: – Handle life’s challenges and keep moving despite the obstacles – Take calculated risks and seize your defining moment – Make great choices amidst conflicting opportunities – Start living your best life now—tomorrow might be too late For anyone aspiring to live a legacy and leave a legacy, this book is a must-read.