IDENTITY — What will you become after you achieve your goal?

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We all want to get something out of life. We run, walk, and work every day pursuing our goal but we often forget what we will become after we achieve our goal. What will your goal make of you after you get it? What will you become after you achieve your goal? This is number 9 of 10 Questions you must answer if you want to Win the Race of Life.

In this message, Saji followed the life of Judas Isacriot, an apostle who betrayed his Master and friend for cheap money. You will learn from this message and from the life of Judas:

  1. Why faithfulness in little things is very important you should take little thing How a believer can change and become a betrayer
  2. Why it is dangerous to befriend the enemies of your friend
  3. Why you should walk carefully when following Jesus and following the money at the same time
  4. What you should do when invited to participate in a shady plot
  5. Why the strong desire to get something you want can also get you what you don’t want