Take charge of your life

Take Charge of your life – Life Lessons from Jim Rohn

Take charge of your life

Take charge of your life – Jim Rohn

To Take Charge of Your life, Be Intentional about Influence

To take charge of your life, you must be Intentional about Leadership. Influence is to persuade somebody to buy a product, consider a service, believe a way of life, buy into an idea, a company, an enterprise, or just to a better life.

We all have the chance and the opportunity to influence somebody else’s thinking, their future, or their life. The key is to develop the skills to do it. You can influence people casually, haphazardly, or intentionally. The key to influence people on purpose is to learn the skills of how to do it.

To Take Charge of Your life, Be Sincere

To take charge of your life, you must be sincere. To accomplish something, you have to be sincere. “Sincerity is not a test of truth. Don’t make a mistake of saying “he must be right because he’s so sincere; the reason is that it’s possible to be sincerely wrong.

You have to decide for yourself what is truth. You have to learn to “weigh sincerity on sincerity scale and weigh truth on truth scale.” Don’t weigh truth on sincerity scale.

To Take Charge of Your life, Search for New Ideas

To take charge of your life, you must search for new ideas. Ideas are not that far away. “Everything you need is within reach.”  The ideas you need to change your life or your business is within reading reach, it’s within listening reach.

There is a probably a library not too far from most people but the problem is “most people drive by the library, few people stop by.” For example, 3% of the USA population holds a library card, and it costs nothing. The key is not that it’s within reach; the key is who is going to reach.

There is a simple Bible phrase that says “if you search, you will find.” It’s very important to know that “finding is reserved for the searchers.” “You don’t find what you need; you find what you search for.”

Neediness is not the prerequisite for getting value.” “You can’t be a needer; you have to be a searcher.” But if you search, if you try, if you go, if you listen, ideas are within reach. “There is nothing so powerful as an idea who time has come.”

A business idea, social idea, investment idea, good health idea, social idea, all you need is a refinement of an idea to make an impact in your life.

To Take Charge of Your life, Go some extra miles

To take charge of your life, you must be willing to go some extra miles. It doesn’t take much to make a significant difference as life passes. A small difference in a change of discipline, or a change of thinking, can start you on journey to happiness, instead of regrets.

It’s very important to know if you are headed towards happiness or regrets 10 years from now. The key is to start right now to make the little changes to walk this new road. Just a few daily disciplines make a great deal of difference in one year, three years, five years, ten years from now.

Ten years from now, you will surely arrive, the question is where?” — Jim Rohn

You are doing enough things (say 10%) to have arrived at where you are today. You might think you need to do about 90% to make the difference for your fortune. Maybe all you need is that extra 5-10% of intellectual change, activity change, a refinement of disciple or a refinement of thought. Just a few changes in your reading discipline, few disciplines of the mind, few disciplines of activity.

All you need is the ideas to make these simple changes and the equity starts gathering. “Now is the time to fix the next 10 years.” For example, are you reading the book that will take you where you want to go in the next 10 years?

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Saji Ijiyemi

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Saji Ijiyemi
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Saji Ijiyemi
Saji Ijiyemi

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