Dr. Myles Munroe final words on true leaders

The greatest act of true leaders — Myles Munroe’s final words on legacy, succession, mentoring, and true leadership

Dr. Myles Munroe final words on true leaders

Dr. Myles Munroe final words on true leaders

The greatest act of true leaders is what happens in their absence. True leaders make themselves unnecessary.

These are Myles Munroe’s final words before his sudden death in a jet crashed that killed him, his wife, and seven others.

Myles Munroe death was a shock to the world, maybe not to him.

Judging from his final words, it seems the legendary Munroe talks a lot about succession, legacy, and what happens in the absence of true leaders.

Here is an excerpt from Myles Munroe’s final interview with elanceTV before his death.

True leaders invest in people

True leadership is measured by what happens after you die. This is why true leaders don’t invest in buildings, they invest in people.”

If everything you have done dies with you, you are a failure.

Success without a successor is failure. Your legacy should not be in buildings, programs, and projects, your legacy must be in people.

The greatest act of  true leaders is mentoring. Who are you mentoring to take your place?

Jesus never invested in buildings, He invested in people  — Myles Munroe

True leaders make themselves unnecessary

True leaders work themselves out of the job. True leaders measure their greatness by their absence.

Jesus proved His greatness by leaving and His organization grew in His absence.

True leaders make themselves unnecessary — Myles Munroe

If you die today as a leader, what happens to your organization, your church, and your business. If it dies when you die, you are a failure.

True leaders identify their successor, mentor them and train them

The best thing you can do right now as a true leader is to identify your successors, and mentor them and train them.

Jesus Christ said to Peter, “Do you love me?” Yes Lord, “Peter said.” Jesus replied, “the company is yours, feed the people.” and He [Jesus] left.

What happens in your absence? that is your legacy.

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