vision test

Vision Test — Many People Failed. Will You Pass?

This vision test is from Perry Noble’s book Unleash! Breaking Free From Normalcy.

vision test

I can’t believe I failed the test. See if you pass.

Here is the test:

Pick a number in your head—any number you want. Go!

What number did you pick?

Make sure you have your number before reading any further. Don’t cheat!

Why I failed the vision test

I picked number four and couldn’t believe I picked a number less than ten.

Is it possible that you too picked a number between one and one hundred?

Perry Noble observed that majority picks a number less than one hundred.

“Why? Why would we pick a number between one and one hundred when we have the option of choosing any number in the world? Why would we not pick 1,284,383?” He asked.

“Why not a number in the billions? Why not?” I ­­asked.

To pass the vision test

Perry observed that “for many of us, it’s a simple and sad answer: we’ve been programmed to focus on the small and the manageable.”

The same goes for the vision you have for your life, your family, your finances, your faith, and your future.

Why are you thinking small? Why wouldn’t you dream a bigger?

To pass the vision test

I believe you get the point. Why do you have a small and a manageable vision when there is nothing stopping you having a bigger vision?

After all, it’s the same process, you are already thinking anyway, why think small?

The vision test at Leadercast Baltimore

If you want to be a visionary leader and an Architect of Tomorrow, you must dream very big, even bigger.

This is why I want you to attend Leadercast Baltimore. We will take a slightly modified version of the vision test at the conference.

Go here now to register for Leadercast Baltimore.

Each participant will take about five minutes to sketch their vision for tomorrow and the winner will get a prize.

Let today be the day you start thinking and dreaming bigger. The generation after you will be glad you did.

Saji Ijiyemi

Saji Ijiyemi

Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) at The Saji Group
I wake up every day to make sure my actions inspire people to dream more, do more, have more, and be more.sffw
Saji Ijiyemi
- 1 month ago
Saji Ijiyemi
Saji Ijiyemi

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